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XEmacs 21 Packages CVS Repository

Starting with XEmacs 21.1, a lot of the major functionality of XEmacs has been moved into separately downloadable and installable packages. The upshot of this is that you only need to grab what you want to use. And the best part is that packages can be updated without having to redump XEmacs!

For package installation instructions, refer to the Quickstart Package Guide.

Please consult the Packages section in the XEmacs Release Notice Archive.

The packages are currently divided into 2 categories, Standard, and MULE (MUlti Lingual Emacs).

Here is a list of the packages available as of this writing, and their corresponding Mercurial name (for those of you who will grab them that way) and their position in the tree for those who wish to browse from this web interface. You can also just jump here to the top of the package tree.

Please see the XEmacs Mercurial Repository page if you would like to contribute to package development via direct CVS commits. See MAINTAINERS in the packages directory for the current list of package maintainers.

XEmacs packages
Package name CVS name   Description
Standard packages
Sun Sun   Support for Sparcworks.
ada ada   Ada language support.
apel apel   A Portable Emacs Library. Used by XEmacs MIME support.
auctex auctex   Basic TeX/LaTeX support.
bbdb bbdb   The Big Brother Data Base
build build   Build XEmacs from within (UNIX, Windows).
c-support c-support   Basic single-file add-ons for editing C code.
calc calc   Emacs calculator
calendar calendar   Calendar and diary support.
cc-mode cc-mode   C, C++, Objective-C, Java, CORBA IDL, Pike and AWK language support.
cedet-common cedet-common   Common files for CEDET development environment.
clearcase clearcase   New Clearcase Version Control for XEmacs (UNIX, Windows).
cogre cogre   Graph editing mode.
cookie cookie   Spook and Yow (Zippy quotes).
crisp crisp   Crisp/Brief emulation.
debug debug   GUD, gdb, dbx debugging support.
dictionary dictionary   Interface to RFC2229 dictionary servers.
dired dired   Manage file systems.
docbookide docbookide   DocBook editing support.
easypg easypg   GnuPG interface for Emacs.
ecb ecb   Emacs source code browser.
ecrypto ecrypto   Crypto functionality in Emacs Lisp.
ede ede   Emacs Development Environment.
edebug edebug   An Emacs Lisp debugger.
ediff ediff   Interface over GNU patch.
edit-utils edit-utils   Miscellaneous editor extensions, you probably need this.
edt edt   DEC EDIT/EDT emulation.
efs efs   Treat files on remote systems the same as local files.
eieio eieio   Enhanced Implementation of Emacs Interpreted Objects
elib elib   Portable Emacs Lisp utilities library.
emerge emerge   Another interface over GNU patch.
erc erc   ERC is an Emacs InternetRelayChat client.
escreen escreen   Multiple editing sessions within a single frame (like screen).
eshell eshell   Command shell implemented entirely in Emacs Lisp
ess ess   ESS: Emacs Speaks Statistics.
eterm eterm   Terminal emulation.
eudc eudc   Emacs Unified Directory Client (LDAP, PH).
footnote footnote   Footnoting in mail message editing modes.
forms forms   Forms editing support (obsolete, use Widget instead).
fortran-modes fortran-modes   Fortran support.
frame-icon frame-icon   Set up mode-specific icons for each frame under XEmacs
fsf-compat fsf-compat   FSF Emacs compatibility files.
games games   Tetris, Sokoban, and Snake.
general-docs general-docs   General XEmacs documentation.
gnats gnats   XEmacs bug reports.
gnus gnus   The Gnus Newsreader and Mailreader.
guided-tour guided-tour   Phil Sung's Guided Tour of Emacs.
haskell-mode haskell-mode   Haskell editing support.
hm--html-menus hm--html-menus   HTML editing.
hyperbole hyperbole   Hyperbole: The Everyday Info Manager
ibuffer ibuffer   Advanced replacement for buffer-menu
idlwave idlwave   Editing and Shell mode for the Interactive Data Language
igrep igrep   Enhanced front-end for Grep.
ilisp ilisp   Front-end for Inferior Lisp.
ispell ispell   Spell-checking with GNU ispell.
jde jde   Integrated Development Environment for Java.
liece liece   IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Emacs.
mail-lib mail-lib   Fundamental lisp files for providing email support.
mailcrypt mailcrypt   Support for messaging encryption with PGP.
mew mew   Messaging in an Emacs World.
mh-e mh-e   The XEmacs Interface to the MH Mail System.
mine mine   Minehunt Game.
misc-games misc-games   Other amusements and diversions.
mmm-mode mmm-mode   Multiple major modes in a single buffer
net-utils net-utils   Miscellaneous Networking Utilities.
ocaml ocaml   Objective Caml editing support.
oo-browser oo-browser   OO-Browser: The Multi-Language Object-Oriented Code Browser
os-utils os-utils   Miscellaneous O/S utilities.
pc pc   PC style interface emulation.
pcl-cvs pcl-cvs   CVS frontend.
pcomplete pcomplete   Provides programmatic completion.
perl-modes perl-modes   Perl support.
pgg pgg   Emacs interface to various PGP implementations.
prog-modes prog-modes   Support for various programming languages.
ps-print ps-print   Printing functions and utilities
psgml psgml   Validated HTML/SGML editing.
psgml-dtds psgml-dtds   Deprecated collection of DTDs for psgml.
python-modes python-modes   Python support.
re-builder re-builder   Interactive development tool for regular expressions.
reftex reftex   Emacs support for LaTeX cross-references, citations..
riece riece   IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Emacs.
rmail rmail   An obsolete Emacs mailer.
ruby-modes ruby-modes   Ruby support.
sasl sasl   Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) library.
scheme scheme   Front-end support for Inferior Scheme.
semantic semantic   Semantic bovinator (Yacc/Lex for XEmacs). Includes Senator.
sgml sgml   SGML/Linuxdoc-SGML editing.
sh-script sh-script   Support for editing shell scripts.
sieve sieve   Manage Sieve email filtering scripts.
slider slider   User interface tool.
sml-mode sml-mode   SML editing support.
sounds-au sounds-au   XEmacs Sun sound files.
sounds-wav sounds-wav   XEmacs Microsoft sound files.
speedbar speedbar   Provides a separate frame with convenient references.
strokes strokes   Mouse enhancement utility.
supercite supercite   An Emacs citation tool for News & Mail messages.
texinfo texinfo   XEmacs TeXinfo support.
text-modes text-modes   Miscellaneous support for editing text files.
textools textools   Miscellaneous TeX support.
time time   Display time & date on the modeline.
tm tm   Emacs MIME support. Not needed for gnus >= 5.8.0
tooltalk tooltalk   Support for building with Tooltalk.
tpu tpu   DEC EDIT/TPU support.
tramp tramp   Remote shell-based file editing.
vc vc   Version Control for Free systems.
vc-cc vc-cc   Version Control for ClearCase (UnFree) systems.
vhdl vhdl   Support for VHDL.
view-process view-process   A Unix process browsing tool.
viper viper   VI emulation support.
vm vm   An Emacs mailer.
w3 w3   A Web browser.
x-symbol x-symbol   Semi WYSIWYG for LaTeX, HTML, etc, using additional fonts.
xemacs-base xemacs-base   Fundamental XEmacs support, you almost certainly need this.
xemacs-devel xemacs-devel   Emacs Lisp developer support.
xetla xetla   (S)XEmacs Frontend to GNU/arch (tla).
xlib xlib   Emacs interface to X server.
xslide xslide   XSL editing support.
xslt-process xslt-process   XSLT processing support.
xwem xwem   X Emacs Window Manager.
zenirc zenirc   ZENIRC IRC Client.
MULE (MUltiLingual Emacs) packages
edict edict   MULE: Lisp Interface to EDICT, Kanji Dictionary.
egg-its egg-its   MULE: Wnn (4.2 and 6) support. SJ3 support.
latin-euro-standards latin-euro-standards   MULE: Support for the Latin{7,8,9,10} character sets & coding systems.
latin-unity latin-unity   MULE: find single ISO 8859 character set to encode a buffer.
leim leim   MULE: Quail. All non-English and non-Japanese language support.
locale locale   MULE: Localized menubars and localized splash screens.
lookup lookup   MULE: Dictionary support
mule-base mule-base   MULE: Basic Mule support.
mule-ucs mule-ucs   MULE: Extended coding systems (including Unicode) for XEmacs.
skk skk   MULE: Japanese Language Input Method.