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Created with XEmacs

Do you use XEmacs to build your websites? Would you like to be listed as a Created with XEmacs site? Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the one of the above badges. Please don't link directly to the images on xemacs.org!
  2. Put the image on your site. Please link the image back to this page if possible.
  3. Send mail to webmaster@xemacs.org with the URL and page TITLE where the logo is displayed, and your site will be added to the list.

Sites that have been Created with XEmacs

  • Official XEmacs Website
  • New XEmacs Website Under Construction
  • GeneHack
  • interhack
  • Electronic CAD & Reliability Group
  • Monadnock Linux Users Group
  • U.S.D.A. Southwest Watershed Research Center
  • White Dragon Website
  • Curtis Consulting
  • Kentucky Council of Teachers of English
  • Jochen-Küpper
  • rt_com
  • Autohaus Klök & Ströhle GmbH
  • eicq - An XEmacs ICQ Client
  • valkyrie.aarg.net
  • Salman Ahmed's home page
  • monochromatic dot net
  • Erik's Masonic Journey
  • Juggle Homepage
  • Sozialistische Positionen
  • Offizin-Verlag
  • Michael Spranger - personal homepage
  • Alastair's Place
  • Niels Langager Ellegaard
  • Alfreds World
  • Chris Musson's Web Page
  • El Rinconín del XTRASGU
  • Welcome to Sandro Sigala's Homepage
  • VECERNIK Datenerfassungssysteme
  • starbreaker.net :: where dreams and reality collide
  • tapirdata: software development & system administration
  • Steven Gould homepage
  • Page professionnelle de Christophe Morvan
  • Sunset Park HOA
  • Faculty of Mechanical eng., Technion - IIT
  • Bjorn Brattland's Homepage
  • kudo.nu
  • Rendhalver's Homepage
  • Hartman Technica, Electronic Design Consultants
  • Matgen matrix generator
  • Neologistic Ruminations
  • Thomas Sliwa's Homepage
  • ISPDB: ISP provisioning software
  • [S&C]Softwares que usamos
  • Susp.act - Nu-Metal aus Herzogenrath
  • Sliwa Autosattlerei und Fahrzeugaustatter GmbH
  • Folgmann IT Consulting
  • Programação Orientada a Objetos: uma abordagem com Java
  • Mucus: Syndrome X/Insulin Resistance Information
  • "Majik Carpets, Hand Made Oriental Rugs and Carpets from Turkey"
  • literatur-recherche
  • HollenbackNetWiki - Created With XEmacs
  • The Experience Festival
  • Italiano Espresso: Italian Language School
  • technicat
  • mohanJAVA
  • Le bêtisier de jeux de rôles de Jeremy James
  • M.W. Web & Layout
  • Ulf Stegemann
  • Pierre-Yves Fourmond's Web Site
  • peteg's blog
  • statistiker-wg
  • schrijftraining
  • Loi de Robien - D,Ai(Bclaration 2044 Sp,Ai(Bciale - Site non commercial