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This site describes important changes that I (Ben Wing) would like to see made to XEmacs, along with detailed descriptions of exactly how to implement these changes. Everything in this site is open to discussion, and in fact I would very much like to see this site developed cooperatively, just like XEmacs itself is. If you would like to contact me about this site, please email me at ben@xemacs.org. (Please note, however, that I cannot currently type, so the response to your message may come back in the form of an email audio attachment. Currently this will be in either the RealAudio or GSM-WAV format.)

This site was written by Ben Wing. Martin Buchholz provided the extensive links at the bottom of this page and did invaluable proof-reading and editing for this site. Meg Cullum did a great job transcribing the pages in this site from tapes that I dictated.


Very Short-term (21.1)

Short-term (21.x)

Medium-term (22.x)

Internationalization (22.x)

Blue Sky (23.x)

Other sources of ideas for improving XEmacs

General Lisp Development Resources

General C Development Resources

Emacs variants

XEmacs on Windows Resources

Independently maintained Elisp Packages

External C Libraries used when building XEmacs

Libraries for specific Image Formats


Tools used when building XEmacs

Programs used by XEmacs at runtime

Other XEmacs-related Software Resources

Programs Used to Develop XEmacs